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5 Labor Day Family Fun Ideas

1. Give a History Lesson

It’s important for our children to understand the meaning of the holidays we celebrate. Take a few minutes to refresh your mind and share some history with your family. Show them learning is fun! So why do we celebrate Labor Day? Read more.

2. Labor Day Arts & Crafts

Children cherish activity time with their families. Labor Day is the perfect day to set aside 30 minutes to an hour to build a craft together for the holiday. Click here for some ideas.

3. Host a Cook Out

Holidays are the perfect time to gather friends, family, and neighbors to share a meal together. Host a cookout for the people you love to celebrate the day, and at the same time, teach your children what it looks like to show Christ-like hospitality.

4. Go to the Park

The park is a perfect escape for everyone to burn off some energy and engage in healthy play together. Put the phone away and be present in the outdoors. Your kids will love the few minutes you spend pushing them on a swing or “wooing” them at the bottom of the slide. Make it extra special and have a picnic!

5. Play Outdoor Games

You don’t have to have a lot of money or extravagant toys to have fun with your kids outdoors. You might be surprised how refreshed everyone becomes with a little fresh air and sunshine! Don’t underestimate the fun you can have with a hose… make your own slip and slide or create a ninja warrior obstacle course! There’s loads of fun waiting on the other side of hide-and-seek, fort-building, and flash-light tag!


Whatever you choose to do this holiday, soak up some time with those you love most. It’s these precious days that make treasured memories that last a lifetime. 

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