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A New Start

Thanks to your recent ‘Back to School’ gifts, the children and teens in our Residential Program are returning to school with new clothes and school supplies, loving support, and hearts full of excitement!

Many of our students are enjoying the return to a physical classroom and are already taking advantage of after-school tutoring and academic support made possible by your generous donations.

You’re making a difference in the lives of countless children and teens:

Upon receiving her class rank and GPA (grade point average) at registration, one of our high schoolers felt her spark for learning reignite. She is going to start her year confident and focused on her studies because she is not alone and has access to the supplies and tools she needs to be successful.

Several of our middle schoolers are in the same class, and it’s such a joy to watch them smiling and laughing as they walk home together each day. They’ve been reading dystopian fiction in ELA (English Language Arts), and they would be quick to tell you that math is their favorite subject…if we’re not counting lunch and recess, of course.

Sophie, the only middle school student in a cottage full of high schoolers, was adamant that she would hate school. On the first day, she even went so far as to hug everyone goodbye because she knew she would be so sad upon her return that she would be utterly unrecognizable. Sophie was indeed different when she returned, but only because she had the best day ever! The girls in her cottage still laugh with her about that infamous first day and how much she loves it now!

A few cottages down, Corey has been thriving in every aspect of his school experience. He recently ran the most laps of anyone in his class for a baseline physical education assessment, and he’s looking forward to trying out for the basketball team this winter. He would also be quick to tell you that he enjoys band, too, and rocks the trombone. As he puts it, “I’m an athlete. I’m a musician. I’m a friend. I’m a helper. Sometimes, I’m even a teacher.”

Returning to school can also be difficult, but the sweetest moments can emerge from even the most difficult ones. One of our fifth graders was struggling with his math homework when, unprompted, one of the older boys in the cottage sat down with him to help. They worked through the problems together, and their Family Teachers couldn’t help but notice how beautiful it was. “The boys have truly learned how to take care of one another, and it’s incredibly wonderful to see.” Your support is not only helping our teenagers learn the Pythagorean theorem, but it is also helping them learn how to be kind to one another.

Your giving allows us to provide a loving, Christian community of Family Teachers, experts, and mentors who are instilling these rich values. Children are healing and paying it forward.

In many ways, education represents a world of limitless possibilities for the children and teens we serve. It’s empowering, and it gives them a tangible hope for all the things they can do with their future. We can’t thank you enough for being part of this hope and opportunity for a brighter future.

You can give today to make a difference for more children like Corey and Sophie.


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