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A New Year with a New Outlook

by Rev. Elliot M. Smith, President

A couple of weeks ago, you met my friend Tyler. He’s starting school this Fall as a new boy because friends like you so deeply care! If you remember, he came to us from a self-contained classroom often reserved for children with significant behavioral issues or learning disabilities.

He’s returning to school with a new outlook – and as a gifted and talented student!

You might think this situation is unique to us, but we commonly find ourselves with children and families who desperately need a skilled and trusted expert to provide educational testing, analysis, and readiness programs. You see, it is Dr. Jacob’s vision and commitment to education that compels us to continue our mission to meet children like Tyler right where they are. His goal was to educate young people for lives of service to church and society and to help them become, in his words, “Epistles to Christ’s honor and glory.”

You can help us do that.

You can give kids like Tyler a chance to realize their God-given gifts, not be defined by some label.

School is back in session and a gift from you would mean we can serve more children this Fall and carry out the vision set before us by Dr. Jacobs. If not us, then who will guide these children to realize their gifts, dreams, and potential?

Will you consider a gift of support to help us help kids like Tyler as they return to school to continue the hard work of learning?

It’s your generosity that makes all the difference. Thank you!


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