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A Safe Place to Land

At just 17 years old, Olivia was desperate for a loving and safe environment not only for herself, but for her two-year-old son, Kai. She was familiar with this type of desperation and fear. At 10 years old, Olivia was removed from an abusive home and sent to live with her grandmother, Sarah. Everything was stable for a while. Even when Olivia discovered she was pregnant, Sarah was understanding and helped her learn how to properly care for Kai’s needs. Unfortunately, when Sarah passed away unexpectedly last month, Olivia and Kai had no place to go. Feeling hopeless, scared, and abandoned, Oliva felt their lives spiraling out of her control when they entered the foster system.

Because you believe all children should have a safe place to find hope and healing, YOU made sure Olivia and Kai were embraced with love in the darkest of times.

Thanks to your generous support of Thornwell’s foster care program, help was available when it was needed most. An overnight placement was the first step to ensuring their safety. Oliva took a deep breath as their social worker knocked on the door of the home of Thornwell foster mom, Shannon.

On the other side of that door, Shannon also took a deep breath. She’d just answered a late-night call from Thornwell Foster Care Family Specialist, Tracy. This would be Shannon’s first fostering placement opportunity and with immediate enthusiasm said, “I can do that!” With an empty bedroom ready for a child in need, Shannon had been waiting for the call to help a child or teen within foster care. That night knew she would be making a monumental difference for not only one life, but now two!

Your support ensured Shannon could answer that call knowing her training through Thornwell, along with ongoing support from her family specialist, Tracy, prepared her to meet Olivia and Kai’s needs for as long as she was needed. Olivia now had a place to lay her head and could rest in comfort knowing that her son would be taken care of until a more permanent living situation became available for them. Finally feeling safe, both slept until noon the following day.

Your selfless gifts and support for our foster care program help to make sure that scared, worried, and helpless teens and children are met with proper care and resources during their greatest time of need. Thanks to YOUR help, Olivia and her two-year-old son Kai know love is possible and there is hope for them.

When leaving Shannon’s home to move into their long-term placement, Shannon felt joy and peace. She stated,

“Thornwell made it possible for me to make a difference I wasn’t sure I could make.”

Today, Olivia and Kai have traded desperation and fear and for love and security. Everyday Olivia and Kai take steps towards healing because they know they are not alone.

Thank you for helping to build tomorrows families and show parenting teens like Olivia that they are loved and supported!


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