a mother holds one twin daughter while the other twin daughter sits on her shoulders in front of a brick buildingThe 24 stitches in Angie’s head are from the time her husband hit her in the head with a baseball bat. She suffered a broken arm and permanent nerve damage in that one assault. But there were many more. A frequent victim of domestic violence, Angie has struggled with depression, alcoholism, and maintaining a job as a result. She even stayed in the hospital once for trying to take her own life.

Angie Fights Back

But Angie is trying to turn her life around. Her two children live with their grandmother while Angie lives in a house with no power or working shower. She washes up at a neighbor’s house before walking more than two miles to her counseling appointments because she has no car. She’s been sober for six months now and attends AA meetings, Thornwell’s Strengthening Families program, and other counseling programs to work toward getting her two youngest children back.

“Being able to see my kids again is the most important thing in the world to me,” she said.

The Motivation to Keep Going

After she goes to her counseling sessions, Angie walks even further to her job as a deli clerk at a grocery store. It’s the longest job she’s kept in quite some time. Her oldest son came to a Strengthening Families class one week. After the class, he posted on Facebook, “I am so proud of my mom.”

Angie’s goals are to finish Thornwell’s Strengthening Families classes, earn custody of her two youngest children, and find a better place to live. She knows she’s well on her way, now that she is sober, working, and has people supporting her.

“My kids are what keep me going,” she said.


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