child looking out the window of the church while the light falls on herAt first I was very reluctant to go to the church camp because I figured it would be like every other church camp I had been to.

I went there with a “just-survive-this- week” attitude, but I found myself dreading the last day very soon. I was in Team Five, The Art Team. There was never a dull moment, from the obstacle course that seemed near impossible on the first day to the amazing breakfast and working with the art team to paint beautiful banners representing the theme of the week, which was all about Jesus’ perfect love.

I really enjoyed the drama team and my youth leader who taught us fun skits, puppetry and mimes. I especially loved being able to perform the things we learned for a church and nursing home.

Worship every night was always amazing. And it was during one of these nights where I heard God really call out to me and tell me that I wasn’t alone and that I could put my faith in him. Before this, I believed in the religion of Wicca, but the church camp was a truly inspirational time for me, where I discovered myself.

I had amazing leaders, made lasting godly friendships, and learned that through it all, I have the love of Jesus in my life to hold me through.

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Many children at Thornwell hear about God for the first time when they’re placed on our campus. While here, our children have many opportunities to develop and grow in their faith. Many, like Bella, attend church camps. Please visit our Christian Nurture page for other ways that children learn about the love of Jesus Christ.