Box Tops for Education

You know those little box tops that come on General Mills items at the grocery store? Those seemingly small, insignificant pieces of cardboard or plastic have made quite an impact at Thornwell.

Over the last five years, thoughtful friends like you have helped us earn $19,999.30!

Wow! Did you know those little squares had such potential to help a ministry like ours?



Over the last five years, thoughtful friends like you have helped us earn $19,999.30 through Box Tops!

Supporting children and families with Box Tops for Education has become even easier!

Now, there’s no cutting, counting, or mailing. Instead, you can download the app and scan your receipt from the grocery store. It’s so easy!

Just follow these instructions:

Step 1 – Download the Box Tops for Education App.

Step 2 – Sign up for free.

  • Email address and password needed to create an account
  • Agree to terms.
  • Find school – 29325 (Thornwell)
  • Complete profile (name, birth date, zip code)

Step 3 – Shop and purchase Box Top products.

Step 4 – Scan your receipt on the Box Tops application.

Step 5 – Earn cash for Thornwell.


We know that not everyone has a smart phone. Give Sarah Bowers, our Volunteer Coordinator, a call so we can help.


Sarah Bowers




Your Box Tops help Thornwell’s Learning Center provide after-school care and transformative Read Right tutoring and education support. Thank you for supporting us with Box Tops for Education!


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