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Building Foundations for Thriving Families

In partnership with local churches, Building Families equips, trains, and empowers children and families to strengthen their relationships and live their best lives together.

Building Families is a safe and nurturing program for families to learn together, express themselves, and build a foundation for a strong and stable environment.

Thanks to your generous support, lives are changing and families like the Singhs are building these strong foundations that allow them to thrive.

Ms. Singh and her husband didn’t feel like “good parents,” and their kids were out of control. Their son, Kian, was lashing out, and there were a lot of tears and tantrums. The stress had gotten to all of them.

But thanks to you, this family was met with a community of support!

Ms. Singh contacted Building Families, and the Family Specialist in her area began meeting with them in their home. The specialist introduced positive parenting methods and helped them diffuse the tension and communicate as a family. Kian learned how to express his feelings, and the parents also gained the tools and confidence to lead their kids well.

Ms. Singh said, “Everyone is calmer and so much happier. Instead of being stressed and not knowing what to do, my family and I are confident and calm navigating unpleasant situations. The unpleasant situations are also much fewer now, so that makes us happy, too!”

The dynamic in the Singh family changed for the better with just a few small changes, and they could see the results almost immediately. “I have all the tools I need now to be a good parent. It just takes a little work—and I’ve learned that I’m capable of doing the work and succeeding,” Ms. Singh shared. “I just want to continue to grow closer and stronger as a family. As long as we use the tools we’ve been given, I have no doubt we will.”

Your generous heart is what makes this possible! Thank you for paving the way for thriving families!

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