8-year-old Asks for Birthday Gifts For Thornwell’s Children

McGregor Byrne Proves You’re Never Too Young to Give to Others

McGregor Byrne asked for one thing for his birthday this year. He enjoys hockey, science, and robotics, but he didn’t ask for a new hockey stick, a lab kit, or a robot.

Instead, he asked his friends to bring gifts for the children of Thornwell for his birthday. And they did.

When he turned eight on January 21, McGregor’s friends brought gifts for Thornwell’s children of all ages, from a soft Stay Puft doll to a bicycle helmet, Spider-Man mask, and clothes. McGregor even created an informational poster about Thornwell’s residential program and other programs that he displayed during his party so that party-goers could learn about the children they donated to.

McGregor’s parents, Greg and Marie, from Charleston, SC, learned about Thornwell from friends Jules and Linda Anderson. Jules serves on Thonrwell’s Board of Directors.


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