Spring Cleaning at Thornwell Beats Spring Break

Tallahassee, Florida Youth Group Volunteers during Their Spring Break

The youth group from Fellowship Presbyterian Church and First Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee, Florida spent their spring break volunteering on the Thornwell campus.

“It was a fun week with great girls to work with,” said Madison Verdin, Thornwell’s Mission and Volunteer Coordinator. “That these girls were willing to give up their spring break to volunteer at Thornwell shows a lot about their character and how much they truly care about the Thornwell mission.”

The eight high school girls, Pastor Brant Copeland, and youth coordinator Christy Williams helped with Thornwell’s youth group and Bible class while they were here. They also worked on several beautification projects around campus. During the week, the group selflessly:

  • Cleaned and refurbished Brophy Cottage
  • Cleaned the Thornwell Gymnasium
  • Raked leaves
  • Vacuumed the newly renovated pool

Thornwell relies on the generosity of supporters like the youth group from First Presbyterian Tallahassee to help continue the Thornwell mission. Please visit our Get Involved page to see how you can help support Thornwell.