Korean Pastors Visit and Donate to Thornwell

The group was in awe of our children and family ministries

Nine Korean pastors from PC (USA) visited Thornwell this week as part of a national conference hosted by the Korean Community Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina.

During the visit, The Rev. Dong Kim presented the Rev. Elliot Smith, Thornwell president, with a check to support the Thornwell ministry. The Korean Community Presbyterian Church hosts a fall festival each year and donates part of the proceeds to Thornwell.

Smith and Chandra Coleman, Thornwell’s Director of Church Relations, led the pastors on a tour of Thornwell to share the history and facts about Thornwell’s ministries. The group visited Anita Nancy Cottage, where family teacher Ken Haywald spoke to the pastors about the daily activities of the residential program.

“The group was quite engaged and appreciated learning that Thornwell is much more than a residential children’s home,” Coleman said. “They were in awe of the many ways in which Thornwell is meeting the needs of children and families.”

During a tour of the Learning Center, Norman Dover, Thornwell’s Vice President for Educational Services, spoke about the educational services provided to the children at Thornwell. The group also learned of the continuum of care offered through Thornwell’s community-based services and foster care programs.

Thornwell offers many ways you can get involved in our ministries. Please visit the Get Involved page to learn more.