New Look, Same Mission

We've updated our logo to reflect all of our missions.

Thornwell has been known as Thornwell Home for Children since its founding in 1875. Today, our ministry has expanded to include more than a single-location children’s home. We still proudly carry out our mission to provide residential care to children in Clinton, SC, but we now serve children and families in 13 locations across South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

As a result, “Home for children” no longer tells the whole story of who we are as a ministry. Because of this, we’ve updated our logo to Thornwell. This new logo is representative of all of the ministries we provide to children and families. While the logo may have changed, our Christ-centered focus remains the same.

Here are a few interesting notes about our new logo:

Thornwell Type

Does the font look familiar? In keeping with tradition, the type used for our name is very similar to designs from before 2003. Maintaining the look and feel of the Thornwell that so many of us know and love is important.

New Graphic

Thornwell is all about the importance of a Christ-centered family environment. The forms in this new graphic element represent family: Some see a mom, a dad and a child. Others see a single parent with two children. Still others see Jesus welcoming the children in his midst.

Same Colors

In keeping with tradition, blue and gold very similar to the old Thornwell colors are used.

“Building Tomorrow’s Families Today” tagline

This phrase elegantly captures all that we do, whether it is our family-style residential care on our campus, our community-based Building Families Programs, or our traditional foster care program. Our use of the Teaching-Family Model and other evidenced-based family-centered modalities that we use show our family focus.

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