Thornwell Charter School Seeking to Open Fall of 2019

K-12 School to Serve Students from Throughout South Carolina

Thornwell is planning to apply to open a new K-12 Public Charter School in the fall of 2019. Sponsored by the Charter Institute at Erskine, Thornwell plans to enroll students from throughout South Carolina.

“Our goal is to create a school where a standard of excellence and a high level of commitment are taught, encouraged, expected and built into the culture,” shares Norman Dover, Vice President for Education at Thornwell.  “With small class sizes, personalized academic plans, and life skills instruction, the school will meet students where they are, accelerate their learning, and teach them how to achieve a mindset of self-discipline, conscientiousness, curiosity and optimism.”

On February 1, 2018, Thornwell will submit a charter school application to the Charter School Institute at Erskine to open a K-12 charter school, initially opening in August 2019.  Charter schools are tuition-free public schools that have the flexibility to be more innovative while being held accountable for advancing student achievement.

Thornwell Charter School will be located on Thornwell’s 350-plus-acre campus and farm in Clinton, SC, with multiple buildings including a school building with 18 classrooms, a performing arts center, gymnasium, athletic center, athletic fields, dining hall, and swimming pool.  Extracurricular programs including the arts and athletics will be offered.

“At Thornwell, we are very excited to utilize our wonderful campus in this way,” states The Rev. Elliot Smith, president of Thornwell.  “Helping children realize a bright future through a personalized educational program is important to us.”

Although located within the Laurens County School District 56 attendance area, Thornwell Charter School will serve students from other districts and may provide a plan for commuting students to live on campus during the week.

Each student will have a personalized academic plan, an individualized health and wellness program, and a life skills program. The educational, wellness, and life skills plans for Thornwell Charter School will involve comprehensive, personalized plans that will require monthly meetings with each student to evaluate progress, to fine-tune goals, and to ensure all students are providing input and feedback for their goals.

Parents who are interested in having their children attend the school are encouraged to fill out an information form that is located on our website,

Also, teachers who may consider employment are asked to contact us through an information form on the website.

Media Contact

Kirstin Bolt
Director of Marketing & Communications, Thornwell

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