Thornwell Children Feed the Homeless

Middle school and high school students volunteer during their day out of school

Thirty-five children from Thornwell spent their President’s Day volunteering to feed the homeless in Columbia, SC. The youth group that includes 6th through 12th graders made and handed out sandwiches and bottled water to the homeless who gather in the state capital’s Finlay Park.

“Our kids give so much of themselves every chance they get,” said Jenn Stanley, Thornwell’s Director of Faith Formation and Christian Nurture. “It was their idea to spend their day off helping others, and I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

All told, the children and seven staff members from Thornwell made and distributed:

  • 14 loaves of bread
  • 14 pounds of luncheon meat, including ham and turkey
  • Two large containers of peanut butter

Callison, Tighe, and Robinson Law Firm in Columbia donated the sandwiches and bottled water and catered a lunch for the volunteers.

Thornwell’s middle school and high school students are active volunteers. This past December they raised money that they donated to several local, national, and international missions. To learn how you can donate to Thornwell, please visit the Donate Now page.

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