Thornwell Children Give Back

Middle and high schoolers learn the value of giving

Middle school- and high school-aged children learned the value of giving this past semester by raising money for several charities. They went a step further and presented these charities with their checks in the Thornwell church on Friday, December 9.

“Actually presenting the checks meant a lot to our kids,” said Jenn Stanley, Thornwell’s Director of Faith Formation and Christian Nurture. “It was a great opportunity for them to meet and hear from the charities they raised money for.”

All told, the children donated $6802, which they raised from a bake sale and from an endowment from Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Farrell of Columbia, SC. To decide how to donate the money, the students split into three groups: middle school girls, middle school boys, and high school girls and boys. Each group was tasked with selecting a mission to support:

  • Middle school girls were responsible for selecting a national mission.
  • Middle school boys were responsible for selecting a local mission.
  • High school students were responsible for selecting an international mission.

How Did They Decide?

To help them make informed decisions, all students submitted a rationale explaining the reasons they selected their particular missions. After all was said and done, the middle school girls chose to donate to the American Red Cross and St. Jude, while the middle school boys chose to support the Harvest Hope food bank. The high school-aged kids chose to help three causes:

  • A Presbyterian Mission Agency project to provide a boat and supplies for the Philippines
  • A Samaritan’s Purse project to provide clean water supplies
  • Christy Simoneau, a youth group volunteer who is raising funds for a two-year mission assignment to the U.K. with ReachAcross

“We are kids, just like the patients at St. Jude,” said one of the middle school students. “Families never have to worry about how they will pay so all of their love and attention can go to their child in need. We love St. Jude!”

If you want to donate to Thornwell, please visit our safe and secure Donate to Thornwell site.