Thornwell Parent Selected to State Chair Position

Tony Cunningham to Represent Thornwell's Early Head Start Program

Tony Cunningham, an Early Head Start parent at Thornwell, was selected by fellow Early Head Start parents to represent Thornwell on the South Carolina First Steps Early Head Start Policy Council. Not only that, but Cunningham was also selected to be the chair of the Policy Council.

“We are delighted that Tony is representing Thornwell and has been elected chair of the program,” said Norman Dover, vice president for educational services at Thornwell. “He’s enthusiastic and has a desire to serve, lead, and take action. That is rare these days.”

For Cunningham, representing Thornwell at the state level is all about representing an organization he loves.

“It makes me feel really proud that other parents see something in me that made them want me to represent them,” Cunningham said.  “And it makes me want to do my best for Thornwell and the parents because they put their trust in me. I want to make them proud to say, ‘He is my policy chairman.’”

As a South Carolina First Steps Early Head Start Policy Council member, Cunningham strives to make sure that Thornwell is well-represented as policies are created for all programs. Cunningham also supports the teachers and staff in all they do to serve the children in Thornwell’s Early Head Start program.

A Clinton native, Cunningham grew up noticing an “edge” that Thornwell students have and wants the same for his daughter.

“I noticed that the kids who go to Thornwell seem to have an edge to them,” Cunningham said. “The way that they’d conduct themselves is phenomenal.”

“Thornwell teaches kids the values that I teach my child at home. They teach them good Christian values. They teach them how to love. They teach them how to get along, and they don’t see color. They just see each child as a child. And I love that.”

The Early Head Start program is one of the early childhood development programs that Thornwell provides. Visit the Thornwell website to learn more about the programs, including eligibility requirements.