Thornwell Receives Grant To Expand to Camden County, Ga.

Building Families Program Grows in Southeast Georgia

a mother and father are playing a game with their daughter

Thornwell will expand its Building Families program to Camden County, Georgia, thanks to a $75,000 grant from the St. Marys United Methodist Church Foundation and a partnership between St. Marys United Methodist Church and Saint Marys First Presbyterian Church.

“We’re excited about expanding our mission to serve the families in Camden County and are most grateful to St. Marys United Methodist Church and Saint Marys First Presbyterian Church,” said Sonya O’Neal, vice president of programs and clinical services at Thornwell.

The grant will provide prevention resources to families in need in Camden County, Georgia. In early 2017, a Building Families program family specialist is expected to join the First Presbyterian Church staff and begin impacting the lives of families in Camden County.

The partnership is the first ecumenical partnership for Thornwell’s Building Families Program. The $75,000 grant represents the first year of a three-year commitment to the Building Families program.

Founded as a Presbyterian ministry in 1875 as an orphanage for children of the Civil War, Thornwell has evolved to provide residential care, academic programs, and community-based family programs throughout Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Thornwell’s Building Families Program is a community- based intensive in-home program which provides services that build upon the existing strengths of families in order to reduce the stressors interfering with healthy family functioning. The goal of Building Families is to stabilize families and help family members grow together.

Visit the Building Families program page to learn more about the services arriving soon in Camden County, Georgia.

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