Thornwell’s Building Families Program Provides Christmas for Single Mother of Five

Host Church Responds to Mother's Family's Needs

Thornwell’s Building Families program recently worked with Rachel*, a single mother of five children, at one of our host churches in Florida. In addition to raising four daughters and one son on her own, Rachel gave up her job and relocated to care for her aging father. Courageously, the mother decided to ask Thornwell’s Building Families program for help. Her children were struggling to adjust to a new town, new schools, and a new home.

As the Christmas season approached, Rachel was in survival mode. She had her hands full managing the chaos of the move and her new caregiving role.

The church heard about the family’s needs and offered to sponsor them this Christmas. The congregation responded to the call to give by bringing clothing, gifts, and food for the entire family.

The mother was overwhelmed by the generosity of the church. The host church did much more than support her family’s emotional and relational needs by hosting the Building Families program. The church also chose to support her family this Christmas season by providing for them in a very tangible way. The mother of five has a Christmas memory that she can share after all.

Thornwell’s Building Families program helps families like Rachel’s year round, not just at Christmastime. To learn more about the program, please visit the Building Families program page.

*We’ve changed the mother’s name to protect her identity. While her name isn’t real, her story is.