Thornwell’s Early Head Start Gets Rave Review

Federal Review Shows Early Childhood Education Program Meets Guidelines

Federal reviewers recently found no deficiencies or non-compliances in any area of Thornwell’s Early Start program. The early childhood education program opened July 26, 2016 and underwent its first federal review on February 7 and 8.

“The reviewers were very complimentary of the entire grant-wide program and stated that they were amazed we had come so far in only a few months,” said Norman Dover, Thornwell’s Vice President for Educational Programs.

Thornwell’s Early Head Start program is funded by a grant from South Carolina First Steps. Twelve counties have programs that are also funded by the same grant, and Thornwell’s program is the largest of all the programs. Thornwell has six full classrooms and 48 children in the Early Head Start program.

The review consisted of center observations, parent feedback, partner interviews, and South Carolina First Steps interviews. The purpose of the review was to ensure that Thornwell meets all federal guidelines regarding health and safety standards, proper childcare and supervision, the Creative Curriculum, and the Early Head Start Performance Standards.

“Special kudos and thanks go out to our director, Brooke Robinette; our teachers and staff; Early Head Start State Director, Rebecca Brown; SC First Steps education coordinator, Jenn Adams and family advocate Tenille Salliewhite; health coordinator, Catherine Dowdy; and to teacher mentor, Adrienne Waymer,” Dover said.

Email Tenille Salliewhite, South Carolina First Steps Family Advocate or call her at 864-938-2161 to learn how to enroll your child in the program. You can also visit the Early Childhood Development page for more information about Thornwell’s Early Head Start and 4K programs.

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