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A Celebration of Giving

The Power of Philanthropy, a Celebration of Giving

Ninety-five years of service to the most vulnerable children in SC! That’s how long we’ve been in partnership with The Duke Endowment. Thornwell’s Mayes-Dowdle Alumni House overflows with past records and celebration of the mission impact resulting from the rich relationship between our organization and The Duke Endowment. You, along with organizations like The Duke Endowment, represent the invaluable community of support who ensure our mission comes to life for children and families!

Thousands of children and families have been cared for at Thornwell because the people at The Duke Endowment stand firm in their vision to help people and strengthen communities by nurturing children, promoting health, educating minds, and enriching spirits.

The Duke Endowment has invested millions into the mission of children and families at Thornwell: $3,199.613.16! At least that is how much we know from as far back as recorded and found through our collective research.

The numbers are significant.

Thousands of children.

Three million dollars.

Ninety-five years.

When asked about why the foundation has been compelled to partner with Thornwell, Phillip H. Redmond, Jr., Director of Child & Family Well-Being at The Duke Endowment, remarked, Thornwell’s commitment to excellence and willingness to evolve to meet the needs of children and families serves as the foundation of the on-going relationship between The Duke Endowment and Thornwell. Thornwell’s pursuit of national accreditation and reaccreditation by the Council on Accreditation, the increased investment in foster care and the adoption of evidence-based prevention and early intervention programs like the Strengthening Families Program are just a few examples of Thornwell’s desire to more effectively provide for the needs of children and families.”

As Thornwell moves into its 145th year of service, we understand that our donors invest in and help create change, we are the agency that is the vehicle for change, and the community is the beneficiary of that change. When donors like The Duke Endowment continue to come alongside our work, there is no limit to the community benefit Thornwell can provide to children and families.

In honoring this rich partnership, we celebrate the trust instilled in Thornwell and continue to remain steadfast to the promise of serving children and families in need.

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