a little boy holds onto his teddy bearThis Christmas, you won’t want to miss the letter below. It’s from someone who is close to the heart of one of our children. Brady is a very sweet and affectionate child who has a stuffed animal he calls “Baby Bear.” Brady loves being held, and he loves holding his teddy bear when he goes to sleep at night and while saying his prayers. Baby Bear is a source of comfort for Brady. This Christmas season, hear what one of our kids’ favorite stuffed animals has to say about his best friend.

Hey! I’m Baby Bear, and I’m a stuffed animal. My best friend in the whole world is Brady. He’s 2. Look at the picture of us at the top of the page. How cute are we?!

You might not know this, but you’re my second best friend, because Brady wouldn’t be at Thornwell if it wasn’t for you. When nice people like you give to Thornwell, you help take care of Brady and the other kids here.

Brady has been my best friend since the time his mommy brought him to Thornwell almost a year ago. I stay on his bed so he always knows I’m there. We laugh and play together every night before we go to sleep. Brady makes me smile a lot, and I make him smile. That’s why we’re best friends.

Brady’s mommy is a good mommy, but she couldn’t live in her house anymore. Sometimes Brady lived with his mommy, and sometimes he lived with his grandmother or his greatgrandmother. Brady’s mommy wanted Brady and his two brothers to sleep in a safe place and eat every day.

She thought Thornwell would be the best place for Brady and his brothers. And you know what? She was right. I see how all the nice people at Thornwell take care of Brady, his brothers, and all the other kids too.

I’m writing to ask for your help on behalf of all the children at Thornwell. They won’t ask you themselves, but I know they’re all able to smile again because they’re safe and loved. Many were not safe or loved before they came to Thornwell.

Will you give a special Christmas gift to help children like my best friend Brady?

a little boy sleeps with his teddy bearBrady’s mommy visits him every month, and she always cries happy tears when she sees him. I’ve heard her say “Thank God for Thornwell.”

I want to tell YOU how thankful I am for YOU. Your gifts help take care of Brady and all the children at Thornwell. And, you help other children and families in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. I can give Brady hugs and smiles when he sings and when we play. But you’re the one who makes all the hugs, smiles and snuggles possible. If it wasn’t for you, Brady wouldn’t be here. He wouldn’t have good food to eat or a nice, clean bed to sleep in. It makes me really sad to think about that.

You know what? When Brady sings, my favorite part is when he sings, “Jesus loves me—he will stay, close beside me all the way.” I think about Jesus when Brady sings that because I know that Jesus is close beside us. But I think about you being close beside us too because we wouldn’t be at Thornwell without you.

Please stay close beside us and all the children and familes you serve by making a gift to Thornwell today.

Bear hugs and kisses,

Baby Bear

Many of the children who come to us have never heard about the true meaning of Christmas. Sadly, many of these children have been abused or neglected. They find the comfort they need in our care. An important part of the care we give them includes nurturing their relationship with God, sharing with them the love of God in Jesus Christ – not just at Christmastime but throughout the year.

Your gifts help meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children and families who need help. You make it possible for us to care for Brady and all the children at Thornwell, as well as the families we serve across Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Please make a gift this Christmas.

For the Children,

The Rev. Elliot Smith, President of Thornwell

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