This Christmas, make a difference in the lives

of children and families who need your help.

Create your own Giving Tree!

Looking for a way to help children and families during the Christmas season? Here’s a fun way your congregation or work group can give a gift that will make a difference for a lifetime.
Download and print the ornament cards shown below, cut them out and place them on your church’s Christmas tree or bulletin board. On the back of each card is a brief description of how your gift will impact the lives touched by Thornwell’s many ministries.


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Ice cream and milk shakes are favorite treats for children in our cottages to enjoy together!

It’s a fun treat for the kids in our cottages to be able to go out to the movies together!

The Family Teachers and children in our cottages eat all of their meals family-style and it is a real treat when they are able to go out to dinner together. What a gift!

Help a child feel confident about themselves by helping them get a haircut.

It is always so much fun to go on a field trip with your class! You’re making sure our kids never miss out on regular childhood activities.

Feed a child for $25 per week or feed an entire cottage for a month for $800.

We have a beautiful campus where our kids love to play and ride their bikes. Thanks for making that possible!

Many of our kiddos are involved in extracurricular activities including sports, and you have helped supply them with the equipment they need!

What a special and memorable event for our high schoolers! Thank you for making it possible for them to attend their prom!

Help give one of our teens a cherished memento of their high school years.

Help send the kids in our cottages on vacation to enjoy some special time with one another and make fun memories!

We are so blessed to be able to offer incredible educational services to all of our kids on campus. You are giving a child hope for a better future!

When a child arrives at Thornwell, help ensure they have the basic necessities as a part of their welcome basket.

Help make our children feel prepared for the next day of school by making sure they have the necessary supplies.

School, practice, work, doctors appointments, therapy visits ­— our cottage vans are used to drive kids wherever they need to go!

Help families celebrate completing our Building Families program with a fun night of bowling, pizza, putt-putt golf, etc.

Everyone learns differently. We use craft supplies to create fun learning activities to teach coping skills.

As therapy goals are met, we use rewards—such as stickers, toys, nail polish—to reinforce goals.

Provide a dessert tray for a family dinner during one night of our Strengthening Families Parenting Classes. What a sweet treat!

A night at the movies can be a much-needed break for foster families. Thank you for making this possible!

Show parents you love and support them. Help provide coffee supplies for Parenting Classes.

Many children come into Foster Care with only the clothes on their backs. Help these children feel comfortable and confident in their new home.

This book is used to help Foster Families understand children from hard places. Thank you for providing this wonderful tool!

When girls are removed from their homes, they often don’t get to take their hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc. that are very important to them.

Your Local Mission Advancement Officer

Your local Mission Advancement Officer is available to answer your questions, and to come to your church or group to share more information about Thornwell and how you can bless the lives of children and families in need.


Upstate South Carolina
Joy Messner – 864-938-2700 –


Midlands/Coastal South Carolina
Jenn Stanley – 864-309-0165 –


Sherri Bozardt – 770-377-1012 –


Jill Gibson, VP for Mission Advancement – 864-358-9104 –