Thornwell Responds to Coronavirus

COVID-19 is not an ideal season, but God is with us and is walking alongside us.

These are unprecedented times. Our lives and daily routines have been fully disrupted by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, our commitment to serve children and families in need remains steadfast.

Many of our programs have changed their method of delivering services. We’ve adapted to remote working environments and telehealth methods to provide children and families with digital options to learn, grow, and stabilize during this difficult season.

Our team has mailed and delivered special packages to hundreds of families to encourage family game nights, craft time, and fun learning opportunities. You, too, can access these materials below!

In a time of uncertainty and crisis, the demand on Thornwell’s staff and resources is greater than we’ve seen in decades. Vulnerable children like Regina are hit the hardest. You can help.

In the rural community of Clinton, SC, with 3,000 children, Thornwell provided over 30,000 meals throughout the summer to children who needed it the most. 

Thank you to all who made this program possible!

Resources for Parents

You are not alone, and we are here to support you. While this season has brought on school closures and work interruptions, you are persevering. You are doing a great job!

Below, you’ll find resources for both parents and children (many of which are great for kids to complete independently so you can find time for a well-deserved break). We hope these resources will bring you joy and help you create meaningful memories during this unusual season.

Resources for Children

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