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Creating a Cycle of Love

At 16, Aubrey is raising her 18-month-old daughter Clarissa and finishing high school so that she can one day become a marine biologist. Thanks to generous donors like you, Aubrey is surrounded with the kind of support she needs to build a life for herself and for her daughter.

Aubrey and Clarissa live on Thornwell’s main campus where they have access to the organization’s full continuum of care. When she was pregnant, Thornwell’s academic support services ensured Aubrey did not fall behind in school. Now that she’s a mom, they continue to make sure she has everything she needs to be successful in the classroom. During the day, Clarissa attends Thornwell’s Child Development Center where she receives high-quality care and is reaching developmental milestones.

With more than 50% of parenting teens not graduating high school, it’s vital that Aubrey has support so she doesn’t have to sacrifice her education.

Our family-like residential teen mom program provides practical life skills so that they can continue to thrive when they live on their own.

Aubrey has begun to learn to cook safely in the kitchen and enjoys making healthy meals for her and Clarissa. Family Teachers are always close by for advice and lend a helping hand when needed, but Aubrey leads all of Clarissa’s care. She is responsible for everything from making sure she is well fed to supervising her at the campus pool.

Thanks to your generosity, Aubrey and Clarissa are provided nurture, stability, and an environment where they learn that they are beloved children of God.

When you meet Aubrey, one thing is abundantly clear: she loves Clarissa more than anything in the world. When asked about her favorite part of being a mom, she says, “Honestly, the best part is every morning when she wakes up. The first thing she says is always ‘mama,’ and then she reaches up to hug me.”

She teaches Clarissa new words and often gets children’s songs stuck in her head from playing them so frequently. She works hard to maintain a routine, always thinking of her baby before herself. As one staff member says, “Aubrey’s just a really amazing mom. Even when she’s frustrated, the one thing she constantly says to Clarissa is ‘I love you.’”

At Thornwell, Aubrey also experiences the joy of community. She has friends who love to hold her baby just as much as they love to talk to her. She has Family Teachers who are a living example of Christ’s love, shepherding her gently as she navigates parenthood herself, and she shares a cottage with other parenting teens who support one another daily.

Thanks to you, Aubrey has indescribable joy in the present and immense hope for her future!

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