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An aerial shot of LushAcres Farm at Thornwell.

As a ministry extension of Thornwell, LushAcres Farm’s mission is to produce healthy, life-giving food, foster community connection, and be a catalyst for children and families to thrive. By opening the farm to visitors from all over, visitors experience agriculture education, community involvement and enjoyment, and contribute to the continued support of Thornwell, both financially and through public awareness.

We believe our farm allows people to come face-to-face with the beauty of God’s creation, enjoying all aspects of sustainable farming, nature, and wildlife. Through agritourism-focused opportunities like u-pick berries, our annual corn maze, and festivals, LushAcres Farm has become a community resource for schools, churches, and community groups to learn about the importance of agriculture and what it means to “know your farmer, know your food.” Additionally, we see this agritourism focus as a way to ensure the longevity of Thornwell and all those we serve. When visitors come to a festival, buy a locally sourced product in our market, or simply come to experience nature, they are not only creating lasting memories and traditions, but they are also ensuring financial support that goes directly to children and families benefiting from Thornwell’s continuum of care.

Lastly, we believe in building relationships. We want our farm to be the future spot for special family gatherings like weddings or reunions. We want our farm to be a place where people know they are getting some of the best locally sourced products around. We want to be the place where the kids can’t wait to come and pick berries in the spring and pick out Christmas trees in the winter. That starts by understanding the importance of fostering community and making those meaningful connections that not only draw visitors in but also keep them coming back. Our farm is more than fields and products.

There’s a heartbeat here and a mission that simply means more.

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Addie Sheek

Director of Marketing and Communications

Boe Baker

Content Development Manager

Kaley Lindquist

Program Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

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