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Attachment-Based Care

Attachment-based care is a therapeutic approach rooted in understanding the profound impact of early relationships on emotional development and well-being. At its core is the recognition of the importance of secure attachment bonds between children and their caregivers in promoting healthy socio-emotional development. Thornwell’s Attachment-Based Residential Care program, ARC, prioritizes staff developing nurturing and responsive caregiving relationships and providing structured, consistent environments.

The attachment-based approach recognizes that disruptions or deficits in attachment relationships can contribute to a range of emotional and behavioral difficulties, including anxiety, depression, and interpersonal challenges. By providing an environment high in nurture and structure and working with caregivers to strengthen attachment bonds, promote secure base behaviors, and provide support and guidance in responding to their children’s emotional needs, youth learn to trust adults again.   Thornwell’s ARC program offers a powerful framework for promoting resilience and facilitating healing in youth with trauma and attachment wounds.

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