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Child and Family Therapy

Thornwell’s residential clinical services offer children individual therapy with licensed clinicians. During individual sessions, a child learns how to cope with stressors in their life.  Our therapists provide a wide range of modalities to meet each individual child’s needs.  Some children referred to Thornwell are coming from hard places in which they experienced childhood trauma of abuse, neglect, or another event that has impacted their lives. The clinician works with the child and the team to help children process past abuse and make sense of their experiences.

While engaging with a therapist, the child builds a level of trust that can help them begin to heal from relational wounds.  When a child and family are ready, family therapy can begin.  The residential clinical therapists work with a wide range of presenting problems, including post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorders, to name a few.  Childhood trauma impacts all aspects of a child’s well-being and can present as behavioral concerns, regression in developmental gains, and/or chronic mistrust of adults. Through therapeutic interventions, children begin the healing process, which can help them develop healthy relationships and improve their overall functioning.

Thornwell’s Building Families program offers individual and family therapy in a family setting or via telehealth services.  Similar to services provided by the residential clinical services, Building Families has licensed clinicians who come to the home to meet with children and families to help families learn how to nurture healthy relationships, reduce stress in the home, and increase positive parent-child attachment.  Building Families clinicians also offer parenting workshops to a variety of groups in their communities.

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