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Equine Therapy

Thornwell’s Attachment-based Residential Care program, or A.R.C, offers children access to a full spectrum of services dedicated to their long-term healing. We believe in TRANSFORMATIONAL care that addresses the holistic needs of children who have experienced trauma. That’s why Thornwell developed the A.R.C. program – to partner with families through innovative, cutting-edge residential care that supports the attachment relationship between the child and their family and works towards healing for the entire family system.

Part of this holistic approach is to develop unique therapeutic plans to serve each child in the program best. This may include participation in equine or horse-assisted therapy.

In partnership with the Palmetto Therapeutic Equestrian Riding Program, children who’ve experienced trauma learn to form powerful connections through the care and nurture of horses. As they learn how to connect with their horse, studies have shown that children may learn how to better give and receive nurture and love from their trusted caregivers.

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Director of Marketing and Communications

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