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Family Is Worth It | Foster Care Awareness Month

When I think about Foster Care Awareness Month and what I want you to know about foster care, I think about the foster families who dedicate their lives to serving children and families. I get to see this daily in my work as Thornwell’s Foster Care Family Specialist in the Midlands of South Carolina. It is my joy and honor to walk alongside these families. Together, we celebrate good days, and we mourn bad days.  

Here are a few of the greatest joys I have witnessed this year along with my incredible team that make all the challenges of foster care worth it. 

  1. After 935 days (about 2 and a half years) in foster care, 2 ½-year-old Jake is adopted by loving parents. The Anderson family advocated fiercely for this baby they’ve cherished since his early days and now will cherish as a forever part of their family. Family is worth it! 
  2. After 18 months (about 1 and a half years), Carly begins transitioning home to her parents. The Smith family provided love and connection for Carly as she processed her trauma, and now works with her parents to ensure a smooth reunification. Reunification is worth it! 
  3. After 12 months of struggling in school and threatening to drop out, Ava is on track to graduate high school early with plans to continue her education. The Ramirez family has supported her by connecting her with every resource available and encouraging her to fulfill her potential.  A bright future is worth it! 
  4. After years in an unstable home, Jordan and Lilly have learned how to save and budget money. The Corden family helped them open a savings account and taught them how to invest financially in their future. Breaking generational cycles is worth it! 
  5. After a shaky start in life, twin toddlers are thriving and learning every day, overcoming developmental delays. The Parker family persisted in caring for these beloved babies even through an unexpected 9-month deployment for foster dad. Stability is worth it! 
  6. After 9 months of fear and uncertainty, Laura gave birth to a healthy baby and can care for her. The Rollins family stepped out of their comfort zone, knowing they had the unique ability to help a mom in crisis and her baby stay together. Moms are worth it!  

This Foster Care Awareness Month, my hope is that you celebrate these families with me. My hope is that you remember these children because they deserve to be known and loved. My hope is that every child is loved, cared for, valued, acknowledged, taught, and wanted.  

We all have a part to play! This is the perfect time to consider what you can do. We won’t all foster, but we can all do something to serve and support these children and families. All these stories are true, with their names changed for privacy.  


Tracy Weber,

Thornwell Foster Care Family Specialist 

To learn more visit Foster Care Awareness Month – Thornwell – Building Tomorrow’s Families

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