Family-Like Residential Care

Family-Like Residential Care

Thornwell Residential Care is more than a home for youth in crisis. It’s a place where they have access to a full spectrum of services dedicated to their long-term healing. Children and teenagers residing at Thornwell have access to on-campus therapy, after-school tutoring, recreational activities, a grief and loss group, Christian love and support, and family-like homes guided by the Teaching-Family Model of care. They experience more than just a respite from the crisis that brought them to campus: they participate in Thornwell’s full continuum of care, uniquely designed to produce lasting solutions and heal their whole family. 
We primarily partner with DSS to provide foster care placements that support family reunification, utilize trauma-based therapy, facilitate family visitations, and encourage personal goal setting. We are uniquely qualified to provide sibling placements in one, family-style location, and we also accept private placements on a case-by-case basis.  
We are accredited through the Teaching-Family Association (TFA) and the Council on Accreditation (COA).  

The Teaching Family Model

From the Teaching-Family Association Website: 

The Teaching-Family Model (TFM) is a philosophy and practice of care and treatment that prioritizes therapeutic relationships with caregivers as the primary conduit of effective treatment in supportive family-style settings. 

Family-style relationships are seen as essential to healthy development of social, relational, and interpersonal skills. The TFM is a strength-based, comprehensive, and trauma-informed model of care that builds positive change while remaining focused on the holistic development of the person served. 

The Model is rooted in cognitive behavioral theory and can be used with children, youth, and adults with a range of diagnoses and symptoms, as well as with those who have experienced significant trauma, maltreatment and loss. 

Thornwell utilizes the Teaching-Family Model to ensure that we provide the highest level of care to each youth on our campus. We believe that family changes everything, and the Teaching-Family Model allows youth to experience the joy of belonging to a healthy and loving family.  

It’s Like Home!

Youth live together in family-style cottages on a beautiful campus in the historic town of Clinton, SC. They spend their summers at the pool, have frequent pick-up basketball games, work in the local community, and become involved in their schools through sports, clubs, and the arts.  
We take great pride in making sure each cottage feels like a real family. Family Teachers guide everything in the cottage from homework and chores to family dinner and weekend activities. Each cottage typically takes a family vacation, and youth are given as many opportunities as possible to improve their life skills, experience the world, and feel the unconditional love that they deserve.  

A Focus on Academics

Youth in our residential program attend local public schools and benefit from personalized, daily tutoring at our Learning Center. This tutoring addresses any distinct learning gaps and ensures that each resident has the tools they need to achieve their personal goals.  

On-Campus Therapy

Thornwell has private therapists on staff to meet the individual needs of each resident in our care. Rather than waiting for availability through other mental health service providers, youth have access to therapy as soon and as often as needed. Our therapists are flexible and available on campus so that youth do not have to endure interruptions to school or work in order to receive the mental health care they need.   

Christian Love and Support

Thornwell teaches every child to know God’s unconditional love. A full-time Director of Ministry and Recreation creates opportunities for youth to explore their faith, and Family Teachers model their own faith each day. Staff members throughout the continuum of care strive to be a living example of God’s grace and His love to every child we serve.  

LYGHT Program

Specialized Care for Youth from Hard Places

Youth in foster care experience trauma and grief over both death and non-death losses, but research has shown that their experience of this grief is often unacknowledged. Duke Endowment and the Dougy Center have identified Thornwell as a partner to provide a special program to meet this need called LYGHT (Listening and Led by Youth in Foster Care: Grief, Hope, and Transitions). It is a peer support group designed to help them confront and process their grief and their loneliness. We have certified staff equipped to facilitate these sessions to ensure teens are given a sense of control and safety, feel included and understood, and recognize their own ability to make choices.  

To find out more about how Thornwell might be helpful to you and your family, call 1-888-310-9387 today.

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