Family-Like Residential Care

Thornwell Family-Like Residential Care is more than a home for children in crisis. It’s a place where they, and their families, have access to a full spectrum of services dedicated to their long term healing. Children residing at Thornwell have access to private, staff Therapists, and their experience is centered on family from the day they arrive. Thornwell children experience more than just a respite from the crisis that brought them to our campus, they participate in our Continuum of Care, uniquely designed to produce lasting solutions and heal their family, not just the children. Siblings stay together at Thornwell. Families heal together at Thornwell. Because at Thornwell, we are Building Tomorrow’s Families.

It’s Like Home!

Children enjoy living on a beautiful campus located in the historic town of Clinton, SC. They enjoy participating in extracurricular activities, helping on the nearby farm, playing in the pool all summer, playing basketball, and riding bikes.

Children really feel at home because we take great pride in making sure each cottage feels like a real family. Family dinners together, homework and chores are all guided by a couple of called family teachers. Each child has a room to decorate, a family room to play in, and a large kitchen table to enjoy meals together. Like most families, children go on vacations and summer camps too.

A Focus on Academics

Children attend local public schools and benefit from personalized, daily tutoring at our Learning Center. The center is equipped with computers and a fully stocked library. If a child is behind academically, the tutoring helps the child to improve their academic performance.

Christian Love and Support

Thornwell teaches every child to know God’s unconditional love. A full-time Christian educator encourages each child to learn the basics of the Christian faith. That foundation is enhanced as the children witness their family teachers live out their faith every day.

LYGHT Program

Specialized Care for Children from Hard Places

You may be familiar with the trauma and loss that exists among foster children. Imagine, then, how meaningful it is for a teen in care to have a peer support group to help them confront and process grief and loneliness. Duke Endowment and the Dougy Center have identified Thornwell as a partner to provide a special program to meet this need called LYGHT – Listening and Led by Youth-Grief, Hope, and Transitions. We have certified staff equipped to facilitate these sessions to ensure teens are given a sense of control and safety, feel included and understood, and recognize their own ability to make choices. When you partner with Thornwell, you’re providing children and youth specialized care for their unique circumstances. 

If you love your children or grandchildren but need a little help, consider Thornwell.

Thornwell offers safe and loving, family-like homes to children who might need a place to help them grow emotionally, academically and spiritually to reach their full potential.

Thornwell works closely with parents and grandparents or other relatives to develop an individualized plan for each child’s unique needs. This partnership is critical to making sure the family is involved every step of the way.

What Can You Expect When You Call?

Our admissions coordinator answers any questions you may have and walk you through the admissions process. We realize this is a big decision. That’s precisely why we take our time to help you make sure Thornwell is right for you and your family.

Want to read a real story about parents or guardians who chose Thornwell as their child’s home? 

Check out this story about Colton, whose grandparents were trying to raise him. They meant well, but realized they didn’t have the resources to provide their grandson with the nurturing environment and academic stimulus he needed.

We didn’t take Colton’s grandparents’ place. We just helped them raise a young man.

To find out more about how Thornwell might be helpful to you and your family,

call 1-888-310-9387 today.