Caring for Children & Families in Foster Care

Together, we can make a difference for children and families.


There are more than 4,400 children in foster care across South Carolina, and only 2,800 foster homes. That means there are nearly 1,600 children with no place to call home. We are on a mission to change that.

Thornwell provides safe, family-like homes to support trauma recovery and healing while their families cope with crisis. We also place children who have no relatives to care for them with loving foster families.

You can support foster children no matter where you live! We are always looking for faithful partners to support our mission to serve children and families in foster care. 

With ever-present shortages of foster care homes, we believe that, together, we can provide relief for many of the children who are waiting. 

In the same way, we come alongside families with loving resources, support, and care to help fosters thrive and to help biological families recover before they break, which ultimately helps the children recover as well.


Share the journey with other children and families in foster care.


We'll guide you through the process and advocate for your needs.


We've been there. We'll lighten the burden with our expertise.


Get the knowledge and support you need to build healthy and lasting relationships with your children in foster care.

Foster Care Resources

Many precious children are growing up without the love and support of a stable family. They need foster parents who are willing to share their homes, hearts, and lives to keep them safe. They also need a loving community that will gather around the entire family and support them throughout the foster care journey.

Whether it’s opening our homes, or providing meals, prayer or financial support, we all have something to offer—and children and families in foster care need all of us!

Interested in fostering? We help families in the Upstate of South Carolina obtain their license to foster and then support their journey.

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