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Growing by Leaps and Bounds!

Mateo is a young man of few words. He’s not one to talk in class or at lunch. For a sixteen-year-old boy, that isn’t the norm until you realize that Mateo’s primary language is Spanish. He was also the new student in an all-English-speaking school last year.

“His English proficiency was rather low, according to the test scores we received from his previous school.” Says Marianne Hollingsworth, Mateo’s tutor. “Mateo struggles in English Language Arts, but his biggest struggle is science. The vocabulary in that class was far above his understanding.”

Fortunately, his teacher knew of Thornwell’s Read Right program – a literacy intervention program made possible by your incredible support!

The innovative curriculum encourages kids to derive meaning from the text they are reading. Because you believe that education is the key to unlocking bright futures, Mateo is on a pathway to success!

Mateo’s desire to learn English was evident from day one. Despite only reading at a second-grade level, he and his Read Right tutors created a plan to help him learn, grow, and improve! He would come in early for his tutoring sessions and immediately sit down and start working. Over time, his hard work and dedication began to pay off. He began reading everything from The Odyssey to Romeo and Juliet.

After one school year of Read Right tutoring sessions, Mateo is on track to read on grade level by the start of this new school year! He made the A/B honor roll and has set a goal to earn all A’s next semester.

“Mateo has grown leaps and bounds in his reading comprehension and understanding of the English language. While he still has a journey ahead of him, he shows up with incredible motivation to succeed. Read Right offers him that and Thornwell’s donors make Read Right possible,” said Marianne.

Thank you for giving Mateo the powerful gifts of knowing how to read well!

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