Founded as a Presbyterian ministry in 1875, Thornwell is a diverse non-profit ministry across South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida committed to the most innovative and effective solutions to help children and families in need. Thornwell aligns with child welfare agencies to prevent child abuse and neglect, build up and reunite families, and strengthen healthy communities in the name of Jesus Christ.

Who We Are We provide hope for children and families in three ways:

Safe and loving homes through family-style residential care and foster care families

Hope for a brighter future through academic programs as well as community-based programs

Wholeness and healing through the nurturing love of Jesus and professional counseling and therapy

Thornwell is a proud member of the Teaching-Family Association and proud to be COA accredited. We are an independent ministry in covenant relationship with the churches in SC, GA and FL of the PC(USA) Synod of the South Atlantic.

How We Are Doing

Currently, Thornwell maintains operations in 20 different locations throughout Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.  With over 140 professionals on staff, we are committed to continuing our ministry to meet the growing need. In 2019, we served 3,349 children and families.

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Called to Grow to Help More in Need

In 2019, 83% of funds raised directly served children and families.

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Thornwell’s mission comes to life every time a business, church, foundation, or individual contributes a gift. Together we, the staff, board, and all we serve, celebrate the generosity and kindness of our faithful donors! Thank you for helping vulnerable children and families transform hurting hearts into hopeful futures! You are critical to this vital work!

2019 Impact At-a Glance

Building Families
2,364 children and families served with in-home therapy and parenting classes

Family-Like Residential Care
100 children in need provided safe and loving homes

Foster Care
162 children and families served with expert care, resources, training, and community support

Professional Counseling & Therapy
children provided with counseling are now closer to healing

Strengthening Families
children and families equipped with family skills training

Independent Living Classes
young adults equipped with life skills training and advanced education support

Afterschool, Momentum Summer Camp & Thornwell Learning Center
children equipped with essential education support

Child Development Center
under-resourced families with children ages 6 weeks through 4K served with nurturing care and educational support

A Continuum of Care

Family changes everything in a child’s life, so we address the welfare of children not as a singular event, but rather as a comprehensive, ongoing cycle of services and support – our continuum of care – designed to help children and families in need.

Thornwell’s Christ-centered continuum of care uniquely qualifies our ministry to serve children and families wherever they are in their journey to healing and wholeness.

Our Core Values

Children – We believe each child is created in the image of God—worthy of love, respect, and redemption. We value the children entrusted to our care and commit ourselves to providing the very best possible services to each individual who comes to Thornwell.

Family – We believe each child should be given the opportunity to grow up in a family. That’s why all of our programs are family-centered. We also affirm our responsibility to build upon and facilitate the strengths of each family we serve.

Christian Nurture – As a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA), we believe in and affirm the importance of each person’s relationship with God. To that end, we employ individuals who take their spiritual life seriously; provide religious nurture for all children in our care in order that they may respond to life’s relationships and responsibilities as a child of God; provide programs and services in a manner that affirms each individual’s culture and religious heritage; and value and nurture our century-old relationship to the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Education – Because we firmly believe in the value of lifelong education, Thornwell provides the children and youth in our care with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in their academic and vocational endeavors.

Leisure Time & Recreation – We believe that teaching successful living means teaching our children the skills they need to properly balance work and play. Thornwell takes pride in having an on-campus recreational center devoted to supporting fun and safe recreational activities for children of all ages. A swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court, and other outdoor facilities are located on Thornwell’s campus. In the cottages, family teachers encourage their children to develop creative outlets and pursue individual interests in music, art, sports, theater, and more.

Community – We affirm the characteristics of positive community that include diversity; shared value; caring, trust, and teamwork; active participation; effective internal communication; affirmation; a forward view of the future; arrangements for community maintenance; and links to the larger community.


Photo of Thornwell Home for Children
The Home of Peace

Thornwell Home for Children began as a dream in the heart of a young Presbyterian minister in Clinton, SC. Following the devastation of the Civil War, William Plumer Jacobs, of First Presbyterian Church in Clinton, wanted to build an orphanage.

Dr. Jacobs‘ dream was energized when 10-year-old Willie Anderson of a nearby community gave Reverend Jacobs fifty cents and said, “This is to help build your orphanage.”

Dr. Jacobs’ named the orphanage after a mentoring theological professor, and Thornwell opened its doors on October 1, 1875, to 10 orphaned children. Dr. Jacobs’ belief “that God so willed and would, therefore, support the endeavor,” carried him and his beloved orphanage through the post-war years until his death in 1917.

Dr. Jacobs documented the progress and struggles of the fledgling orphanage in his diary. Many find his recorded words inspirational for their demonstrations of his reliance upon the Lord for provisions for his children. Further, Dr. Jacobs’ diary catalogs the answers that God provided. Those answers were often exactly what Dr. Jacobs needed and came at just the right time.

The Home of Peace was the residence of Dr. William Plumer Jacobs, the visionary who heard the call of God to begin a home for children orphaned by the Civil War.  In his home, Dr. Jacobs and his wife, Mary, welcomed the first children to find a refuge at Thornwell.

In times past the Mayes-Dowdle House was the Baby Cottage where Thornwell’s youngest residents lived. Now beautifully restored, the Mayes-Dowdle House is the headquarters of the Thornwell Alumni Association.

Board of Trustees


The Rev. Amalie Ash
Mrs. Sylvia Collins
Mr. Tom Free
Mr. David O. Rivers
The Rev. Don Johnson


Mr. Jim Conner
Mrs. Sara Evans
Mr. Gordon Lee Hight, II
Mrs. Mary Martin
Mrs. Jean P. McKnight
Mr. Steven L. Roberts
Mr. Raymond C. Smith

South Carolina

Mr. Julius J. Anderson
Mr. Gordon E. Bondurant
The Rev. Dr. Ella F. Busby
Ms. Kay Cleveland
Mr. Anthony Dawson
The Rev. Dr. Charles Elliott
Mr. M. Craig Garner, Jr.
Mrs. Harriet D. Ike
Mrs. Teresa D. Madden
Mrs. Susan W. Malloy
Mr. Jim Morton
Mrs. Dorianne Norwood
Dr. Michael W. Payne
Mr. Maurice A. Purcell

Trustees Emeriti

Mr. Thomas Adams
Mr. John S. Anderson
Dr. James E. Cousar
Mrs. Mary Wain Ellison (Boyd)
Brigadier General (Ret.) Hugh McLaurin III
Dr. George B. Richardson
The Rev. Dr. Robert D. Taylor