Job Title: Director – LushAcres Farm
Reports To: Vice President for Finance
FLSA Status: Exempt, Full-time
Authorized Driver: Yes
Prepared Date: January, 2019

Position Summary

We are seeking a hard-working and visionary leader to engage with us in transforming our 300+ acre farm into a thriving financially and environmentally sustainable operation as an integral component of the overall Thornwell mission to serve children, families, and communities.

Thornwell intends for LushAcres to be an exemplary model of creative farm-related entrepreneurship, land stewardship, and community development and is seeking the right person to guide the process of transformation necessary to achieve this goal.

Core Responsibilities

  1. Lead a process of thoughtful planning and site design of the LushAcres property including overall site layout, feasibility assessment and management of infrastructure improvements.
  2. Create a business plan that aims to position LushAcres to achieve Thornwell’s financial, social, and land stewardship goals.
  3. Plan, design, and help implement sustainable agricultural production systems that improve soil health, enhanced natural systems, and increase the aesthetic appeal of the property.  Production systems will include an appropriate mix of horticulture and livestock enterprises.
  4. Plan, design, and help implement a plan for agritourism and other visitor-related activities that is synergistic with the mix of production systems in place, recognizes the well-being of the residents, and is in harmony with the broader community.
  5. Develop and implement a plan for identifying and securing external knowledge resources, technical assistance, and financial resources that can help to forward the mission of LushAcres.
  6. Develop a robust branding and marketing plan for LushAcres products and services that is in harmony with the overall Thornwell brand development efforts.
  7. Develop a staffing and management plan and oversee hiring and management of personnel.  Serve as a “working manager” by directly participating in the implementation of the site design plan, the production plan, and the marketing plan.
  8. Serve as the public “face” of LushAcres@Thornwell, through involvement in community, regional, and state level organizations and networks of farmers and farm directors.
  9. Collaborate and openly communicate with all departments across Thornwell to ensure that the LushAcres project is in harmony with the overall portfolio of Thornwell projects.
  10. Supervise Thornwell youth and volunteers on the LushAcres farm.
  11. Meet tri-annually with the Property and Facilities Committee of the Board of Trustees.
  12. Any other duties required by the Vice President for Finance.

Working Conditions

The Director will be expected to directly participate in all aspects of the LushAcres farm.  This will sometimes entail difficult physical labor, getting dirty, and working in uncomfortable weather conditions.  However, we also expect the Director to be able to represent LushAcres to the general public in public meetings, in market/sales situations, etc.

Qualifications and Requirements

B.S. degree in appropriate field (required)

M.S. degree in appropriate field (preferred)

Significant and appropriate work experience could potentially substitute for the M.S. degree.

Valid driver’s license. (CDL a plus)

Clean drug test.

Desired Skills and Abilities

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate the following:

Ability to safely operate equipment including tractors and implements and light construction equipment

Solid experience with growing horticultural crops

Solid experience in animal husbandry; nutrition, health, handling

Solid experience in agritourism

Basic carpentry skills

Experience with project planning, especially of projects related to the development and operation of a complex farming and agritourism operation

Word processing, spreadsheet development, Internet

Ability to work independently and is self-motivated, cooperative and flexible

Applied research; interpretation of research findings

Public Speaking/Presentation

Ability to recognize weaknesses in self and seek professional development experiences that will serve to strengthen knowledge, skills, and abilities


Thornwell is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and prefers to employ individuals who are Christian and who possess a Christian commitment, as well as concern, for children and families in need.