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How To Be An Advocate for Child Abuse Prevention

As we work hard for Child Abuse Prevention – and declare April as Child Abuse Prevention Month – it is a reflection that it takes all of us to empower communities in which all people can experience both life and love in abundance. That is our vision at Thornwell and it’s one that is made possible because people like you care deeply about supporting strong, healthy futures for children and families.

Here at Thornwell, we believe that prevention starts with being proactive. We also believe that family changes everything in a child’s life, and we strive to connect families to our programs and resources that empower them to be strong, healthy, and thriving.

You might be asking yourself “what can I do to help?” We’d love to see you get involved with us! Members of our Thornwell team wanted to share with you what it means to be an advocate for child abuse prevention:


On Thursday, April 7th, we were honored to host our first Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Breakfast, made possible by our partners at the South Carolina Children’s Trust. This beautiful, impactful morning showcased a community willing to work together to be that supportive village for children and families. If you weren’t able to catch the Livestream, please take the time to view our presentation, here:


Our theme at Thornwell this year is “Lighting the Way.” As individuals we can ignite the spark to create change in our communities; but, TOGETHER, we create a glowing beacon of light. It is a light that will keep children safe, healthy, and thriving. It is a light that will empower strong families. And it is a light that will create powerful change in our community and throughout our state.

Today and every day, we invite you to ask yourself, “what can I do to light the way for child abuse prevention?”

 Will I be an advocate and partner that connects families to programs and resources?

Will I give of my time as a volunteer to support children and families?

Will I give of my financial resources to ensure there are services available to reach children and families in need?

No matter your answer, know that we at Thornwell are grateful for your decision to act. Today, you are lighting the way for children and families to experience healing and hope.

Thank you for joining us to END child abuse!

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