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How to Take Care of Yourself

For the third and final blog in our series, we’re focusing on you!

We know that COVID-19 is not an ideal season, but God is with us and is walking alongside us in the uncertainty and the stress. And in the midst of this crisis, our mission remains the same.

Thornwell serves to prevent child abuse and neglect, build up and reunite families, and support healthy communities in the name of Jesus Christ.

Every April, we recognize Child Abuse Prevention Month, and in this season, it takes on an even deeper meaning. Stress levels are rising due to school cancellations, work closings, and more, and social distancing measures can further isolate families who were already under strain.

In light of all of this, we are continuing our blog series to highlight the ways we all can help our families and our communities remain strong, safe, and healthy. Simple things such as managing our stress, finding and maintaining social connections, and seeking support—and encouraging others to do the same—will make a difference.

Two weeks ago, we listed a few practical ways you can support your kids in this time of social distancing. You can read those here.

Last week, we listed practical ways you can love on the families in your community that might need a little extra help. You can read those here.

Today, we want to give you practical ways you can care for yourself and manage your own stress during this uncertain time:

  • Take care of yourself! To best care for your family and friends, you must first take care of yourself. Take breaks when you need them, keep a consistent sleep schedule and get plenty of rest, and use technology to maintain friendships and stay emotionally close to others even while you’re physically distant.
  • Be patient with yourself and others. Allow yourself grace and time to process and adjust to the changing times. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself—now is certainly not the time for a perfectly running household or even your most productive self. It’s ok if the dishes pile up for a few days, the kids don’t stick to a regimented schedule, or you work at a slower pace.
  • Find joy! Make time for fun, for rest, and for spending quality time with the people you love. There are so many things you can do at home that you and your kids will remember well past the end of this crisis. Even if it is a stressful time, enjoy the time at home while it lasts and make the quality time together something your kids will look back on with joy. Decorate your front porch, bake a cake, play a board game or two, and share your smiles and funny stories on social media!

If you have questions or need support during this time, you can contact us here or call 864.938.2100. We’re here for you!



For more information about these topics, visit our partners at Children’s Trust of SC and Darkness to Light.

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