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Invest in Sam’s Education

While many of us have spent the last several months longing for connection and normalcy, Sam has spent years wishing for it.

Will you help children like Sam who live in foster care?


As parents in your community prepare their school-age children for whatever version of school they are facing, Sam is doing that alongside Thornwell’s caring Family Teachers. 

We need you today because someone has to step in to help Sam. Someone with a heart like yours—who knows that all kids, especially those separated from their family, need support in the transition from summer to school. 

You can imagine that when a child has been uprooted from their family and everything they’ve known, life through their eyes is now seemingly too hard and hopeless. For 15-year-old Sam, these feelings were very real.

Understandably, Sam was angry, hurt, and acted out in ways that I cannot find a nice way to convey in a letter. Because generous people like you care enough to give, kids like Sam are met with love and care.

When children like Sam’s only sense of home is disrupted, it is easy to see the spiral that can happen. They feel alone and nothing seems safe. Their environment changes as quickly as the seasons turn, and then the grades start to fall. It’s easier to shut everything out.

You can help us provide at-risk children like Sam with personalized learning and tutoring support during a school season that is more difficult than usual to navigate. Will you consider joining me in giving to support the education and care of Sam?

When you give, Thornwell activates a community of support to surround Sam, celebrate his success, and remind him that hope is never lost.

Your giving allows us to provide Sam with a loving, Christian community of Family Teachers, experts, and mentors.

Today, Sam is committed to his schoolwork and, through therapy, is learning to overcome the gut-wrenching pain he once endured. He is learning how to move on from his past and move towards acceptance, love, and forgiveness.

If you saw him today, you’d also see a glimmer of hope that was found because he is finally experiencing joy, peace, and love.

That’s only possible with friends like you who send a gift knowing that it will meet real needs.

Now—more than ever—kids like Sam need your support. You can imagine how hard it has been for Sam to learn to communicate his feelings—much less thrive in school. His past hasn’t made school easy for him, but you unlock his future when you come alongside our mission.

Your donation will help change lives. Your gift today will provide kids like Sam with permanent change that includes a loving supportive home, educational readiness, and academic support. You also make it possible for them to receive much needed clothes, books, school supplies, and computers.

You make all the difference when you invest in a child’s education and future. In fact, you improve the whole community!


by Rev. Elliot M. Smith, President

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