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It shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Lily’s life is worth saving!

At 14, Lily has endured physical, mental, and emotional trauma that made her consider ending her life.

I praise God for the angels who pulled Lily back from the brink of hopelessness at that moment and brought her here to Thornwell. Together, we can surround Lily with the hope, love, and care that she desperately needs…that she deserves.

Will you give today to help children like Lily live without suffering?

There’s never been a better time to give. Your loving gift can provide a safe, caring home, tutoring, nutritious meals, and necessary therapy tailored to support the unique needs of each child – all working to bring healing to a child’s mind, body, and spirit.

Lily’s life is worth saving.

Your gift helps affirm that she is worthy of love and a future free from hurt. Because you care, we can walk beside her on a path toward healing with therapeutic support and the security of a calm, loving home. She’s steps closer to believing that her life is meant for so much more. She’s got a long journey, but you can make it easier. Your loyal, dedicated giving ensures she’s safe and not alone.

I recently learned that Lily loves to sing. It’s a gift that she hid for so long, fearing she’d be punished for having too much joy.
Today, you can turn those fears into freedom! You can give Lily the courage to use her voice and know that she has an audience ready to cheer her on to success!

Fortunately, Lily can get the help she deserves and desperately needs. You make that possible through your gifts to Thornwell.

Because you care enough to give, Lily won’t hurt anymore.

Giving NEVER hurts anyone.
Giving is wonderful.
Giving will change your life, too.

Thank you for being compassionate and committed to supporting healthy futures for children like Lily! I am grateful for you.

For children and families,

Reverend Myron W. Wilkins, President and CEO

P.S. Please consider a one-time or monthly gift. Your gift will make a difference. It’s easy to donate at!

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