lindy-scottLindy received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Erskine College and a Master’s Degree in Student Personnel and Counseling from Clemson University. She began her professional career at Thornwell in 1977 as a campus Social Worker, and in 2002 became the Director of Training and Social Work. Lindy now serves as the Executive Vice President and considers it a privilege to be a ministry leader to the children and staff on Thornwell’s campus. She has lived in Clinton, SC for 28 years and is an elder at Bethany Presbyterian Church.

When asked, after 30 years of service, what keeps Lindy motivated to care for Thornwell’s kids, she said, “It really is my calling. I’ve watched hundreds of kids arrive on this campus feeling heartbroken and hopeless. But something remarkable happens, and usually within a short period of time. I begin to see something in their eyes that may not have ever been there before – hope. Having the privilege to watch children’s lives being transformed on a daily basis; that’s my motivation.”