Make Your Money Count

Increase Your Giving & Reduce Your Taxes While Supporting Thornwell

Did you know that making a charitable gift of appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds can save you taxes? Giving these investment assets is easier than you may think and it is one of the most tax-effective ways for you to make a gift to support the causes that matter most to you.

The Benefits of Giving Your Investments to Thornwell

When you make a gift of your securities or bonds to an organization like ours, you benefit in the following ways:

  • You receive a charitable income tax deduction, often for the full fair market value of your gift. This translates into tax savings on your next income tax return!
  • If you make a gift, rather than sell your appreciated investment, you can avoid capital gains tax otherwise due.
  • Your gift may also help you avoid paying the healthcare tax on any net investment income.
  • Because you are making a gift of an asset, your gift will not adversely affect your cash flow.
  • Making gifts from your assets, instead of from your checkbook, may allow you to make a greater gift than you ever thought possible.

“Making a donation of appreciated stock allowed us to support Thornwell. Our gift was significantly greater than we could have given from our checkbook.”

Make the most of your investments.

Save money and avoid tax with gifts of appreciated securities.

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CARES Act Incentive

Write-off up to $300
When you GIVE to Thornwell in 2020

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