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Momentum: You’re Giving Children a Brighter Future

Your heart would light up at the sight of Thornwell’s bustling summer program, Momentum. It’s not hard to imagine the campus full of children, running between the learning center, the pool, the playground, and the craft rooms, and being led by loving teachers who aren’t afraid to have fun…or lose a sack race to a 7-year-old. Because, after all, children learn and grow as they play.

It’s during the hot summer days that children like Lincoln return home not only with a precious, sun-kissed face, but also with education that helps propel them into the future.

Momentum: the program name says it all–you’re helping us build momentum in the lives of children.

It’s important that you know we assess each child when they arrive at Thornwell. We want to understand each child–where they are and where they should be–developmentally, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s our goal to meet each child where they are, with an individualized learning plan to fully address their needs.

You give kids an opportunity to shift their attitudes about school and education. 

Education is a process of self-awareness, acceptance, ownership, and empowerment. Imagine, then, the potential of a child who is not just passing tests, but also becoming an educated learner.

Thanks to your generosity, these kids are playing the lead role in their education story. 

Lincoln is no different. He joined Momentum for his third summer, now a rising fifth-grader. This summer, he soared academically–testing out at seventh-grade math and reading levels!

Lincoln’s teacher, Emily Cowart, says, “He’s worked very hard on our Learning Lions team. Lincoln is a dedicated student who is going to change the world one day!”

Program Director Marianne Hollingsworth says, “Our kids respond exceptionally well to the personalized learning approach. We want them to have fun and take steps forward with our hands-on learning plans, not backslide like so many students tend to do in the summer months.”

What a difference you are making in the lives of children! 

At his graduation, Lincoln told us, “I feel really confident going back to school.” And confidence builds courage for a brighter future!

Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for caring enough to help kids like Lincoln. You’re really making all the difference!

You can give today to impact more children like Lincoln.

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