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The Search For Thornwell's Tenth President

Thornwell serves to prevent child abuse and neglect, to build up and reunite families, and to support healthy communities in the name of Jesus Christ.

-Thornwell Mission Statement

For nearly one hundred and fifty years, Thornwell has played a key role in supporting the needs of children and families and providing support and services, led by staff who are grounded in Christian faith. The next President will join an organization where spirituality drives mission and will see the role as an inspired opportunity to lead and oversee a ministry of service and care.  

As they are called to this unique opportunity to serve children and families and grounded by a genuine commitment to servant leadership, Thornwell’s President will expand Thornwell’s capacity as a community that is a nexus of faith and family-centered solutions. The new leader will continue a tradition of humility, adaptability, visionary leadership, strong business acumen, organizational culture and a creative balance of mission and margin. 

The President will maintain a consistent focus on building external relationships, broadening fundraising efforts and calibrating the organizational business model, programs and strategy necessary for Thornwell to achieve its goals. The President will work in partnership with the board and staff and channel their talents in service of Thornwell’s future. 

To reach its aspirations, Thornwell seeks a seasoned executive who is deeply grounded and active in their faith, and brings a passion for the organization and its mission that all people and communities would have the support needed to thrive. 

Mandates for the new President will include:  

  • Working with the board and staff to realize the vision for Thornwell’s future while furthering the organization’s reputation for excellence
  • Continuing to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the organization’s life
  • Thoughtfully driving courageous and innovative programs that respond to the needs of children and families while simultaneously balancing the need for Thornwell to be a stable and well-managed nonprofit organization
  • Increasing fundraising capacity, organizational awareness, and connectedness, and embracing the role as the “face of Thornwell” with enthusiasm

The opportunity for Thornwell's next President is bold and compelling: to lead Thornwell into a new era of expanding proven solutions for children and families.

Lindy Scott, Interim President

The President will bring a collaborative spirit, listening and communication skills, energy and enthusiasm and high emotional intelligence. The ideal candidate is an experienced leader who is comfortable with the role of externally representing the organization. Strong business acumen as well as superlative leadership, communication, interpersonal, fundraising and strategic planning skills are essential. Knowledge and experience working with similarly complex professional organizations grounded in Christian faith will be highly valued.

Attributes being sought in the new President include:

  • A strong spiritual core and commitment to reformed Christian values; lived experience as a Presbyterian and knowledge of the
    Presbyterian Church would be an asset
  • A profound calling to serve children and families, and ideally, demonstrated success in the child welfare environment
  • Passion for the mission of Thornwell
  • A natural capability as a leader and manager
  • A strong track record of success in externally representing an organization and being its face in the community
  • A genuine excitement about cultivating donor and philanthropic relationships
  • Strong business acumen and an appropriate tolerance for risk; significant senior-level executive experience with organizational financial accountability
  • Facility in governance, working with nonprofit boards and growing them in tandem with organizational needs and priorities
  • Significant experience casting a vision for an organization and the ability to realize that vision
  • Experience with revenue generation and a sense of eagerness and creativity in finding ways to ensure the long-term sustainability of Thornwell
  • An understanding for the importance of tradition and how to balance it appropriately with progress
  • A natural team builder and staff developer who is enthusiastic and committed to helping the Thornwell staff grow
  • An open person that inspires trust, invites collaboration and engenders an environment of teamwork and accountability
  • The ability to advocate for family and children’s issues before the state legislature and proactively engage with state and federal agencies

For potential consideration or to suggest a prospect, please email or call Michelle Hall, Diane Westmore, or John Sparrow at 404-262-7392.

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