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Our unique Continuum of Care allows us to come alongside children and families as an empowering partner to nurture, encourage, enrich, and advocate for them on their journey.

Family Services Foster Care and Residential Services Educational Services Building Families Strengthening Families A.R.C. Residential Program  Foster Care Transitional Living Child Development Center Momentum Summer Camp Learning Center Read Right

Family Services

Building Families

In-home counseling for children ages 3-17 and their families. Available in select cities across Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, our program allows families to learn together, express themselves, and build a foundation for a strong and stable environment that produces strong and stable children and adults.

Strengthening Families

A 14-week group program for Laurens County, SC families offering education, enrichment, and community to help them strengthen their bond, improve family relationships, and equip parents and caregivers with skills needed to feel more confident parenting their children.

Foster Care and Residential Services

A.R.C. Residential Program

The only attachment-based residential care program in the Southeastern U.S. dedicated to the support of children placed by State agencies (such as the Department of Social Services), as well as children with loving parents and caregivers who are struggling to deal with the long-term impact of their child’s early experiences of abuse and neglect, or those experiencing adoption-related issues.

Foster Care

Providing children in need with safe homes to support trauma recovery and healing while their families cope with crisis. We also license, recruit, and support foster families in communities within the Upstate, Midlands, and Pee Dee regions of South Carolina.

Transitional Living

A program designed to help young adults ages 18-23 learn independent living skills necessary to balance life’s responsibilities through vocational and educational support, financial management skills, community-building support, emotional support and an increased level of supervision.

Educational Services

Child Development Center

Under the guidance of qualified teachers, our center provides an educational program for newborns through 4k that emphasizes growth in all developmental areas—social, emotional, physical, cognitive (intellectual), and spiritual—as a holistic, interrelated process.

Learning Center

A center dedicated to providing academic support services for resident children – including remedial services in reading and math – and complete with a computer center, fully stocked library, and 16 to 18 tutors.

Momentum Summer Camp

A power-packed day camp for kids ages 5-12 that provides an opportunity for children to grow academically during the summer months while also having fun and enjoying all that it means to create sweet summer memories.

Read Right

A unique reading intervention program and a critical piece of our continuum of care that enhances children’s lives by encouraging them to derive meaning from the text they are reading on their own instead of focusing solely on phonics.

Refer a Family

If you are a professional interested in referring a child or family, please call 1-888-310-9387 . You may also click the button below to submit a referral online.

Refer a Child or Family
Become a Foster Family

If you would like to help provide a safe, understanding, and healing environment for a child in foster care, start the process of becoming a licensed foster family today.

Become A Foster Family
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