Faith Development

“He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.”  Psalm 147:3

Thornwell has always been a ministry of the Presbyterian Church through its connections to local churches and presbyteries, and its covenant agreement with the Synod of South Atlantic. We believe there can be no wholeness in a person unless the soul is at peace with God. For many of our children, Thornwell is their first exposure to God and to a family that loves and cares for them. For that reason, faith development permeates every aspect of our services. We specifically provide a number of opportunities to help our children and staff to grow in their faith.


Student Devotion

Middle school and high school youth in our residential program are invited to a weekly devotion. This typically includes a video lesson geared toward them, followed by a time of discussion. During the school year this is a co-ed gathering. In the summer months, we have times when the group will be divided for discussions specifically for their age and gender.

  • Focusing on our relationship with God
  • Working on strengthening relationships in our community of faith
  • Asking ourselves, “How can we tell others about Jesus?” This is our chance to participate in food outreach, mission projects, caroling, and more.



During the school year, we have a monthly gathering for campus worship. During these worship times music is provided by gifted musicians on campus. We have teaching and insight from a pastor in the community. We also have special Holiday worship services for the entire campus. In the summer, we meet every Friday for a fellowship lunch in the dining hall.



Then. Now. Coffee. is a monthly gathering just for our Family Teachers. They have an informal time together to take a small break, drink some coffee, and hear from a couple that is designated to share their story and testimony. It is a way to strengthen community among the Family Teacher’s.

Big Brother/Big Sister & Adopt a Cottage

Presbyterian College is located right across the street from our residential campus. PC students participate in Big Brother/Big Sister with the children on our campus. This is a relationship-building and mentoring program. Students are assigned to a cottage and visit the cottage each week. The students form special bonds with the children in their cottage and do fun activities such as:

  • Walking over to the PC dining hall for dinner
  • Painting finger nails
  • Playing soccer
  • And all sorts of creative things kids like doing

In addition, PC hosts a Fall Festival, Valentine’s Day Party, and Easter Egg Hunt for Big and Little Siblings to meet up.

Adopt a Cottage

Adopt a Cottage is an opportunity for fraternities, sororities, and registered student organizations to participate in larger events. Typically these groups are assigned to a cottage and do one event per semester. This could include a soccer game where the team brings over jerseys for Thornwell children, helping a girl cottage get ready for a school dance, or a themed party.

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