Become a foster parent and make a life-long difference in a child’s life.

What is Foster Care?

Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for abused, neglected and dependent children who need a safe place to live when their parents or another relative cannot take care of them. Many children throughout the state of South Carolina face growing up without the love and support of a stable family.  These children need foster parents who are willing to share their homes, hearts, and lives with them.


Yes, you can do it.

Anyone over the age of 21 can become a foster parent. You can be single, married, divorced, or a widow. No certain income is required, but you must be able to meet all household needs.

24/7 Support and Encouragement

One of the most important factors about becoming a foster parent is getting the support and encouragement you need from Thornwell. Our professional staff provides 24/7 support, encouragement and training to you every step of the way.


The need is great.

Last year, there were more than 3,000 children in foster care in South Carolina.  550 of them were in the Upstate.

There are more foster children in the system than there are foster homes.

If you feel a tug at your heart to find out more, attend a Question & Answer Session near you today.

“The point of foster care is to provide a family for a child who needs one. Like most other things in life, foster care is much more doable if you have a supportive community like Thornwell around you.”

—Jonathon Sampson

Program Highlights

  • You have a choice about which child or children are placed in your home.
  • You can rent or own your home. The only requirement is that you have adequate living space for an additional child.
  • You receive a monthly stipend to offset the cost of everyday expenses related to the care of the child.
  • Thornwell provides ongoing training and support for you throughout the entire process.
  • You’re not required to be wealthy or married, have kids of your own, or hold a Ph.D. in child psychology. All you need is a desire to provide a safe, nurturing home environment for a child or teen in need.


How Can My Church Help?

  • Recruit one foster family from your church and have them supported by the congregation
  • Provide respite care
  • Donate items such as diapers, formula, shoes, clothing, food, etc.
  • Sponsor extracurricular activities for a child (band, dance, sports)
  • Host Interest Meetings on foster care at your church
  • Provide prepared meals to foster families


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