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Learning Center

Thornwell Learning Center
After-School Tutoring and Educational Support

Children who live on Thornwell’s campus in Clinton, SC attend either Thornwell Charter School or local public schools.  Those who need extra academic support come to the Learning Center after school. While there, students are met with dedicated and passionate tutors ready to help with homework and challenging subjects.

Thornwell’s Learning Center has a computer center, a fully stocked library, and a full staff of tutors focused on enrichment and educational support.

Many children who come to us are grade levels behind, and because of the struggle to keep up, they no longer enjoy learning. We’re on a mission to change that! We believe education is a powerful key to the future for kids because we believe that the enrichment, self-confidence, and empowerment that comes through growth in academics is a critical step towards healing.

Learning that sparks a passion

Zoey could be the future president. The 14-year-old is spunky, friendly, and fearless. She’s also not afraid of hard work, something that has been on full display over the last year. You see, when Zoey came to Thornwell as an eighth-grader, she was grade levels behind in reading and math. It happens often with children who have experienced tough childhoods, and it can make it even tougher to nurture a joy of learning.

We told her she was reading at a sixth-grade level and [she was] moving into the ninth grade,” said Norman. “We talked about what that means, but we also talked about how she can grow. Even though there are some hard parts to it, we encourage kids like Zoey to set goals for themselves and to be the ‘boss’ of their own education.”

From that day forward, Zoey set goals to achieve. She worked hard with her Learning Center tutors who helped her recognize her worth! She even challenged herself to, one day, become a veterinarian! In time, Zoey caught up to her grade level in math and jumped two grades in reading!

Today, Zoey dreams big and achieves thanks to access to tutors and teachers that believe in her and help her improve.  Who knows? Perhaps one day Zoey will be “Dr. Zoey” with a veterinary practice of her own.


“I’m just looking around the table and all of these people who are here to help my son, and me, and I feel like I’m not alone anymore.”

A.R.C. Residential Program Parent

“There was no judgment at all. It can be very intimidating to let someone in your house to see all of your flaws. She [family specialist] loved us for who we are. She met us where we were.”

Building Families Participant, Atlanta, GA

“As a mom, I feel so much more confident because I’ve had somebody in the trenches with me… alongside me.”

Building Families Participant, Greenville, SC

“I just enjoyed it so much. There was so much love, and the teachers were so patient, so respectful, and so encouraging. It is hard to try and find people to encourage you in life. Sometimes you feel all by yourself, not knowing that there are people that love you and care about you. Strengthening Families truly blessed my soul.”

Glenda, Strengthening Families Graduate

“I had support in people I knew who cared about me and that just gave me an extra boost of motivation. It was just the motivation and the people caring.  I think that’s what really set it off.”

Tanisha, a Thornwell Alumna
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