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Read Right

Read Right Program
Thornwell's Reading Empowerment Program

We believe education is a powerful key to the future for kids! The enrichment, self-confidence, and empowerment that comes through growth in academics is a critical step in a child’s development. Our unique reading intervention program, Read Right, is a critical piece of our continuum of care that creates excellent readers through a new way to learn.

How? Read Right’s goal is to rewire the neural network in our brains that we use for reading, but let’s make that a bit simpler.

Historically, we’ve been taught to sound out the words – using phonics and decoding – and string those sounds into words and phrases. For the overwhelmed or underperforming reader, this technique can confuse them further when trying to understand the purpose of punctuation, much less comprehension of the text. The Read Right curriculum encourages kids to derive meaning from the text they are reading. Through instruction and encouragement, tutors help the students figure it out on their own, which fosters confidence and a new comfort in reading they’ve never experienced before!

Are you ready to learn if Read Right is a good fit for your child? We’d love to talk with you!

Better is possible.

Even the most challenged students can be transformed from poor readers to excellent readers in a matter of months. It happened for Quinn, a fifth-grader from Beaufort, South Carolina!

Quinn’s parents shared that her struggle with reading began in kindergarten. They realized then that something wasn’t quite right, and ever since, the family has tried every program, test, and curriculum they could think of to help her improve. Nothing worked—until Read Right.

“It wasn’t until Read Right that we saw this kind of success,” said Quinn’s mother, Blakely. “The consistency and routine of meeting with her tutor several times a week made a big difference.”

Quinn’s MAP test results made it clear that the program was working. When she began Read RIght, she was reading at a kindergarten level. Six months later, she tested to a high 3rd grade/low 4th-grade level. Her 99% growth rate put her in the top one percent of all students for reading growth nationwide!

Blakely said, “Quinn has so much more confidence, and her teachers are noticing a difference. Read Right has done so much for her growth, her self-esteem, and her success at school. We plan to continue until her Read Right graduation, and we hope to enroll our younger children in the program.”

Empowering the Mind Through Science

Read Right Creator Dr. Dee Tadlock Shares more about the science and origin of her revolutionary reading program.

In 2005, Read Right’s developer, Dr. Dee Tadlock, was the first to publish and publicly explain how neural network building is “essential to both early reading instruction and correcting all reading problems.” Read Right’s methodology explains it like this:

When humans learn to perform any kind of activity, we build a “network” in the brain to guide the doing of it. A “network” is a complex system of neurons that fire automatically and in sequence to guide all the activities we perform (including reading). We don’t know it is happening because the activity is implicit…Dr. Tadlock’s intensive inquiry revealed that the root cause of nearly all reading problems is a neural network incorrectly built to guide the act of reading.

Read Right’s methodology explains that, “no individual can “tell” the brain how to perform a complex process; rather, the learner must experiment and figure out for themselves how to do it. The same is true for proficient and above reading ability, or what Read Right calls ‘excellent reading.'” This means the reader:

  • Is 100% internally comfortable as he or she reads
  • Understands the author’s message at a literal level (assuming sufficient background knowledge to enable understanding)
  • When reading out loud, sounds natural, like conversational speech.

Thornwell is proud to have tutors certified in the instruction of Read Right methodology and supporting the development of “excellent” and confident readers!

For more data on the effectiveness of the Read Right method, click here.

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“I’m just looking around the table and all of these people who are here to help my son, and me, and I feel like I’m not alone anymore.”

A.R.C. Residential Program Parent

“There was no judgment at all. It can be very intimidating to let someone in your house to see all of your flaws. She [family specialist] loved us for who we are. She met us where we were.”

Building Families Participant, Atlanta, GA

“As a mom, I feel so much more confident because I’ve had somebody in the trenches with me… alongside me.”

Building Families Participant, Greenville, SC

“I just enjoyed it so much. There was so much love, and the teachers were so patient, so respectful, and so encouraging. It is hard to try and find people to encourage you in life. Sometimes you feel all by yourself, not knowing that there are people that love you and care about you. Strengthening Families truly blessed my soul.”

Glenda, Strengthening Families Graduate

“I had support in people I knew who cared about me and that just gave me an extra boost of motivation. It was just the motivation and the people caring.  I think that’s what really set it off.”

Tanisha, a Thornwell Alumna
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