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Programs Transitional Living Program

Transitional Living Program

Transitional Living
Residential Support and Skills Training for Young Adults

When you turn 18, it is often expected that you are ready to enter the world of adulthood equipped with the necessary resources and a “village” to help you succeed. In reality, we know it isn’t always this simple.

That’s okay. We can help.

Whether you’re aging out of foster care, a family seeking extra support for your adult child, or simply need guidance managing the pressures that come with early adulthood, our Transitional Living program is designed to help 18-to-23-year-olds navigate those challenges and learn independent living skills.

Our Transitional Living program prepares young adults for strong, independent lives. We walk alongside program participants to help them learn to balance life’s responsibilities through vocational and educational support, financial management skills, community-building support, emotional support, and an increased level of supervision.

We believe educational and vocational supports for young adults are key to their long-term success. We work with each participant to develop a personalized educational or vocational plan that matches their long-term goals. We have support such as an on-site high school diploma/GED program, partnerships with local vocational programs, and we also facilitate enrollment in higher education through the many high-quality institutions close to campus.

We know that a strong community helps young adults thrive long after a transition to the “real world.” This offers assured connections who become more than a community. They become family.

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A Sense of Community.

Empowering Life Skills.

Endless Support.

In our program, young adults receive:

  • Housing
  • On-Site Staff Member Supervision
  • Therapy and emotional support
  • Financial management
  • Budget training
  • Workforce readiness tools
  • Job training
  • Employment placement services
  • Education readiness and tutoring
  • Directional support
  • Community-building support
  • Spiritual nurture and support
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“I’m just looking around the table and all of these people who are here to help my son, and me, and I feel like I’m not alone anymore.”

A.R.C. Residential Program Parent

“There was no judgment at all. It can be very intimidating to let someone in your house to see all of your flaws. She [family specialist] loved us for who we are. She met us where we were.”

Building Families Participant, Atlanta, GA

“As a mom, I feel so much more confident because I’ve had somebody in the trenches with me… alongside me.”

Building Families Participant, Greenville, SC

“I just enjoyed it so much. There was so much love, and the teachers were so patient, so respectful, and so encouraging. It is hard to try and find people to encourage you in life. Sometimes you feel all by yourself, not knowing that there are people that love you and care about you. Strengthening Families truly blessed my soul.”

Glenda, Strengthening Families Graduate

“I had support in people I knew who cared about me and that just gave me an extra boost of motivation. It was just the motivation and the people caring.  I think that’s what really set it off.”

Tanisha, a Thornwell Alumna
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