Read Right Program

Read Right Program

Our unique continuum of care allows us to love and serve children and families at any stage of life—and through many different avenues.

The sad reality for many foster children is that the disruption in their lives leaves little room for keeping up with school. Many children who come to us are grade levels behind, and because of the struggle to keep up, they no longer enjoy learning.

Our goal is to change that—because we believe education is a powerful key to the future for kids, and because we believe that the enrichment, self-confidence, and empowerment that comes through growth in academics is a critical step towards healing.

Read Right, our unique reading intervention program, is a critical piece of our continuum of care that is changing the lives of children every single day. Read Right’s goal is to rewire the neural network in our brains that we use for reading. Instead of focusing on phonics, the curriculum encourages kids to derive meaning from the text they are reading. Through simple instruction and encouragement, tutors help the students figure it out on their own, which fosters confidence and a new comfort in reading they’ve never experienced before!

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