How does Thornwell build tomorrow’s families today? We provide residential care to children at our location in Clinton, SC, as we have done for more than 100 years. We’ve also expanded our reach in the past few years, offering family support services to parents and children in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida through our Building Families and Strengthening Families programs. And our 4K and Early Head Start programs provide educational services to children who haven’t begun kindergarten.

If you want to read a few real-life stories, we’ve compiled a few for you. Remember that we’ve changed the names in all the stories to protect the innocent. The names aren’t real, but the stories are.

a blonde-haired girl smiles at the cameraTeenager Overcomes the Effects of Medical Child Abuse

“I thought my brother was going to die,” Kylie said. “We were all sick, but he was actually…dying.”

Kylie’s tone was calm, but her bright eyes dimmed as she recounted her life before Thornwell.

an African-American boy smiles big, showing a couple of missing teethWalk the Walk, Talk the Talk

When six-year-old Anthony arrived at Thornwell, he walked on the tips of his toes, and he used foul language freely because he’d heard it so much since he was born.

You might be surprised by how much he’s changed since he’s been at Thornwell. His story will melt your heart.


a little girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes stares at the camera

Thornwell Cares for Neglected Sisters

Samantha and her three sisters were found living under the crawl space of their house. Their mother neglected them as she struggled with a drug addiction, but Samantha and her sisters found a safe and loving home at Thornwell.

Read who found Samantha and her sisters and what they’re doing now.

a teenage boy smiles with his hands in the pockets of his cargo shorts

Grand- parents Ask for Help

Colton’s grandparents had the best of intentions by taking care of Colton when his parents couldn’t. But eventually they asked Thornwell to help provide Colton with a nurturing environment and the academic push that the young man needed.

Read what happened when Thornwell helped Colton and his grandparents.

a young girl smiles with pursed lips

Help Mother, Help Daughter

Libby and her mother fought every day and didn’t know how to repair their relationship. Read how Thornwell’s Building Families program helped get Libby and her mother’s relationship back on track.